Last week, FU’s Agriculture & Environment Task Force asked you to call on your representatives to oppose two House bills: HR 1430, the deceptively named “HONEST (Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment) Act” and HR 1431, the “EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act.” Both of these bills are intended to weaken the role of legitimate and applicable scientific research and the scientists who perform it in the EPA’s decision-making process, while increasing the influence energy and other industry insiders have on the policies the agency creates (or doesn’t).

Unfortunately, both passed the House and have moved on to the Senate, but we’re not done fighting them yet. You can help in the following ways:

1) Find out how your representative voted and let them know whether or not you’re happy with their choice. If your rep. voted no, send them a postcard in thanks or make that an addendum to one of your other calls to them this week. If they voted yes, let them know you’ll be watching how they vote on upcoming bills and consider letting them know that this may influence your willingness to support them when they next come up for reelection. Ask your family and friends in other districts and states to do the same.

You can find links to the roll call vote record on each bill’s Congress.govpage.

2) Get ready to help us fight against the erosion of scientific integrity in the EPA when these bills come under consideration in the Senate. Let your family members and friends know now what Republican members of Congress (and a few Democrats) are willing to do to gut the EPA’s regulatory power.



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