Take Action

Net Neutrality

Only five FCC members get to vote on #NetNeutrality.

2 of the 5 already plan to keep it. Here’s the three we need to contact:
Ajit Pai: 202-518-7399
Michael O’Reilly: 301-657-9092
Brendan Carr: 202-719-7305

Flood their lines, let’s make this happen!


Call Today and Friday on CA cap-and-trade program

California’s legislature will vote on Monday on a much-debated pair of bills that address both climate change and air pollution. The bills extend California’s cap-and-trade program and improve air pollution monitoring and enforcement. The bills also reaffirm the importance of sustainable agricultural solutions to climate change. Please find more background on the bills below.

This is a critical time to call your state representatives and urge their support in continuing California’s global role as a leader on climate change. The future of the state’s Climate Smart Agriculture programs is at stake.

Phone calls are much more impactful than email and it takes only less than a minute leave a message. Find your Senator and Assemblymember by clicking here.

Freedom Uprising participating in Claremont July 4th Parade

Hey all you local Uprisers! If you haven’t already Rsvp’d to this event, please consider joining us. It’s a short march, but we need numbers to be seen and heard! We also want to inspire others to join us in the resistance! We’re marching under the umbrella of the Southland Resistance (all the local grass-roots progressive organizations).

We’ve got a banner and lots of signs! We just need you! Rsvp Link

Local Democrat Needs our Support

On Saturday, 6/17 at 9am -11am, State Senator Josh Newman and the Walnut city council will hold a coffee.  According to Enrique Robles, “Josh Newman is under attack by the far right and is facing a recall election. The conservative talk show hosts Ken and Jon are dedicating a lot of time to kick him out and they have directed all of their listeners to crash his event on Saturday.  Newman needs supporters to come out and counterbalance the Trumpers.”  As we understand it, he’s under attack for voting for an increase in the gasoline tax to pay for road repairs.

Walnut Senior Center, 21215 La Puente Road, Walnut, CA. FMI 714-671-9474.

Call your Senators re. Farm Bill

The Senate Agriculture Committee meets Thursday morning, June 15 to discuss the Farm Bill. Call your Senators to let them know that Agriculture research should not be cut and is important for resolving hunger and sustainability issues and environmental concerns.

You can also call the Chairman and Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee to voice your opinion.  Info on the full committee can be found at https://www.agriculture.senate.gov/about/membership.

Support for Climate Smart Agricultural Programs

Governor Jerry Brown and state legislators are debating the future of climate policy in California, and they need to hear from you about agriculture’s important role. Will you let them know that you support ongoing funding for California’s Climate Smart Agriculture programs? These programs provide grants to farmers for practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon.

A vote on the budget will happen in the next two weeks — now is the time to make a difference. Call your state representatives to support climate-friendly farming solutions. Phone calls are much more impactful than email and it takes less than a minute to leave a message.

Find your Senator and Assemblymember by clicking here.

The message is simple:
“My name is ___________ (include your farm, business or organization name if appropriate) and I live in _________ (town/city).
I’m calling to support on-going funding for the Climate Smart Agriculture programs, including (name your favorite program – see list below.) in the state budget. The programs provide crucial resources for farmers and ranchers to provide climate solutions and improve our environment overall.”

Background:  Since 2014, California has invested over $3 billion in climate change programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make our communities more resilient. Included in those investments are the Climate Smart Agriculture programs, which provide funding to farmers for permanently protecting farmland, reducing water use, improving soil health, and reducing methane emissions on dairies. Together, they have received over $180 million to date, providing key resources for farmers and ranchers to address climate change.

•  Healthy Soils Program: New this year, the Healthy Soils Program will fund on-farm soil management projects and demonstration projects that improve carbon storage on farms and ranches, while also improving air and water quality. $7.5 million has been budgeted this year, and we want the program to grow.

•  State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP): An enormously popular program, SWEEP has funded over 500 irrigation improvement projects, saving water and energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Administered by CDFA, SWEEP funds irrigation management improvements like switching diesel powered water pumps to solar, soils moisture monitoring, drip irrigation and more.

•  Dairy Methane Reduction Program: The Dairy Methane program include grants for dairy producers to reduce potent methane emissions. It funds anaerobic digesters and importantly the new Alternative Manure Management Practices Program to fund changes in dairy management such as a shift to composting, dry manure management, etc.

•  Sustainable Ag Lands Conservation Program: Part of the Strategic Growth Council, SALCP funds conservation easements on agricultural lands at risk of sprawl and rural ranchette development. To date, easements have been funded on 33,000 acres in 17 counties. The program also funds local government policy efforts to improve farmland conservation and prevent urban sprawl.

You can find more information here:  http://calclimateag.org/overview-of-climate-smart-agriculture/

Attend a Town Hall!

Congress is on break from April 10-21, which means your representatives should be back in their home districts. Enter your zipcode on the Town Hall Project website to find Town Halls near you!

Here in Los Angeles, Senator Dianne Feinstein is holding a town hall on Thursday, April 20 at 11am (doors open at 10am) at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Los Angeles at 2270 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018. RSVPs are required and space is limited. Sign up here.

Senator Kamala Harris will also be visiting LA. Her town hall is on Friday, April 21 from 3:30-5pm (doors open at 2:30pm) at the Holman United Methodist Church at 3320 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018. RSVPs are required and space is limited. Sign up here.