Want to get more involved? Sign up to participate in one of our specialized task forces. Task force members monitor the news and contact their task force coordinators when they spot opportunities for action. Joining a task force is an easy way to become more engaged in local, statewide, and national politics.

We’re currently recruiting members and leaders for the following task forces:

  • Agriculture (led by Jamie & Susanna)
  • Boycotts (led by Monica)
  • California Politics (led by Deborah, Cherie, & Barbara)
  • Civil Rights & Liberties (led by Kathy)
  • College Connection (led by Catherine)
  • Communications (led by Lauren)
  • Education (led by Shauna)
  • Health Care (led by Lewis & Karen)
  • Immigration (led by Shannon & Karen)
  • Labor (led by Lee)
  • Science & Environment (led by Catherine & Candida)
  • Supreme Court (led by Courtney)
  • Women’s Issues & Reproductive Rights (led by Meredith & Monica)